Arena for contest in Science, Technology and Mathematics in Nigeria(ACSTMN)

Hillcrest College was represented by the following students in the competition:

  1. Brenda Effiong Okon - JSS3
  2. Miteh Tosin Olabode - JSS3
  3. Glory Osadebamen Iyoha - JSS3
  4. Tamunonye Fila - JSS3
  5. Oluwatobi Enobong Alaje - SS3
  6. Daniel Archibong Boco - SS3
  7. Idara Cecilia Umanah - SS3
  8. Magdalene Okon Ephraim - SS3

The first stage was the presentation of projects by schools.  Our school presented a grinding machine fabricated in the school which works on electromechanical principles.

The second stage was a written examination and the results were as follows:

Junior Secondary Category:

  • Brenda Effiong Okon - Overall Best
  • Miteh Tosin Olabode - Overal Second Best

Senior Secondary Category:

  • Oluwatobi Enobong Alaje - Best in Biology
  • Daniel Archibong Boco - Best in Mathematics
  • Idara Cecilia Umanah - Best in Physics

Activity Week Programme For 2016

This year programme witnessed competitions among students and classes in debates, spelling and quiz.  There were sixty(60) contestants for the spelling bee competition and at the end of the day, Sito-Abasi Andrew Essien of SS3A won the first position while Praise Emm-Ogar of JSS3A came second.

In the debate, there were four debating groups: JSS1A Vs JSS1B, JSS2 Vs JSS3, SS1A Vs SS1B, and SS2 Vs SS3.  At the end of the debate competition the results were as follows: JSS1A won over JSS1B, JSS2 won over JSS3, SS1B won over SS1A and SS2 won over SS3.

In the quiz competition, the girls of both Junior and Senior classes carried the day.

On the last day, there was another round of debate competition and this time it was between the boys and girls of the winning classes.  The results were as follows: JSS1A girls won over the boys,  JSS2 girls won over the boys, SS1 girls won over the boys and SS2 boys won over the girls.

The proprietress, Mrs. R. A. Okpokam,  was happy with the students for thier efforts.

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